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fantom wallet coin holder

The AirTag Holder can be installed together with the money clip when a Fantom R attachment is not installed. Was told I would get the package delivered by Thursday so had it shipped to office. I tried to redirect the package to my home, but The Ridge shipping method does not allow redirection by USPS. All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days, except on holidays.

  • The Fantom Wallet is a great product both in the design and the statement that it wants to make.
  • Love it, just wish it held a few more cards maybe 15 the 13 card one only really holds 12 easily, but I love it works great.
  • You will see a full list of validators with information on them, total FTM staked etc.
  • We have a passion for the new, innovative, unique and undiscovered.
  • The lever to open out the cards feels sturdy and will be able to take a lot of repeated use.
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The overall build quality of the wallet is very good and it has a solid feel to it. The lever to open out the cards feels sturdy and will be able to take a lot of repeated use. That is going to give you a high amount of confidence that you are going to be getting a quality product. Here we will dig deeper to see how effective this product is and also how useable it is going to be.

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It provides protection to the wallet so as keys are pushed out and in, it won’t scratch the wallet face. In these days and in the future I am using only plastic – no more cash. Easy to store and to find because it is metal. I ordered a wallet for my son for Christmas this year.

The Fantom Wallet with the coin compartment holds coins up to 2.8mm in thickness. The coins are secured in using the thumb lever as a door. In addition to coins, the holder can be used to store spare keys, SD cards and USB drivers.

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This RFID blocking wallet has a one button quick card access. The tracking app for your phone can tell you how far you are from your wallet at all times, and will notify you when you have gone out of range of your wallet.

  • Send us a message if you still have any questions!
  • If you deal in cash often, opt for the carbon fiber cash plate that upgrades the elastic cash strap for easier bill handling.
  • Currently, Fantom Wallet is offering a coupon for 20% off store-wide.
  • You can opt to add a money clip and even a coin compartment if you don’t like your pockets to jingle.

And the express shipping is great as well as it took just 3 days to ship from US to Malaysia. I searched for 3-4 years for a wallet that I would like and I finally found Fantom. It is amazing for people who uses little cash as almost everywhere you can pay by p-card. I’ve been using it for 4 months now and it still looks great, works great no issues whatsoever. Only thing I don’ t like about this wallet is that coins makes sound when walking (so I only put them in when I know that I’ll be using them).

Ridge Vs Fantom R, Worth Your Money?

Keep my military ID as the first card, which I retrieve the most as needed to get onto the military base where I live. One-handed retrieval using the thumb works as advertised — very simple. All cards stay secure in the wallet — even when holding less than the full complement.

fantom wallet coin holder

Apple we downloaded this wallet in good faith. Fantom never stated they wouldn’t give updates and that you need to go outside the pockets to retrieve funds. I ended up making 5 wallets as a result of at the time when you staked you couldn’t add extra on so needed to make new pockets. Somehow on the 5th wallet I didn’t write my restore phrase down. Carry your cards in fashion The ideal pocket to carry your essentials in style when walking about. HuMn offers over 20 colors and patterns, and the option to get an expansion plate for the wallet, adding 4-5 cards to its capacity. HuMn offers free shipping and a military discount for its customers.

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More than two coins will sound quite annoying. I looked into a lot of slim wallets and this is the best I found, visually beautiful, practical and I really like the mechanism how it works – simple and safe. I saw Secrid but their wallets are too expensive and do not hold coins at all so I looked harder and found Fantom. I just what is fantomcoin closed one eye and bought the Fantom S, and needless to say now I wish I bought Fantom earlier. If you work in the service industry or always carry cash, add the money clip. This wallet is light and compact and keeps everything easily organized. Looking for men’s wallets and men’s money clips products but having no idea?

You can ring your wallet in order to find it, and the tracker on your phone will tell you how far you are from the Woolet and if you’re getting closer. The crowd detection feature can make use of other Woolet users in the area to scan and find your lost Woolet. The Titanium money clip allows you to store your bills securely. The Coin Holder Attachment allows you to conveniently store coins, SD cards, and USB drives.

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Conversely, when you can’t find your phone, pressing the tracking button on your wallet will cause your phone to ring regardless of whether it is set to silent mode. The wallet also has a mini pen, along with slots for a spare key, SIM card, SDHC and SIM tool.

  • One of the subtlest features that the Fanom designers incorporated is a dampening feature that controls the speed of the lever when it returns to its original position.
  • Innovative in design the Fantom wallet is a real breath of fresh air when it comes to both its look, design, and functionality.
  • Fantom Wallet offers special pricing and discounts for military service members.
  • I have had my Fantom wallet for over a year now and waited to share my review so I can provide my honest hands on feedback.
  • The last thing I want to mention about the Fantom wallet is that it’s also available with a optional coin slot area to store your loose change.

So I ordered this as a gift for my dad for his birthday and with the COVID pandemic I had to have it shipped to him rather than wrap it and give it to him in person. Not only did they do that but they specially printed him a little card in beautiful script wishing him a happy birthday. Now quality the package arrived on his doorstep just one week after ordering, super fast. He says even with cards in it that it is super light and overall seems to be excellent quality. Thank you so much for the great minimalist card wallet and kind service. Recently purchased the carbon fiber with money clip option, what a great wallet this is, great design, slim and light weight and best of all, fantastic quality. Our thin aluminum wallet design has an ergonomic thumb lever designed for one-handed operation.

They didn’t have the leather brown dot that would match my wallet, so I chose carbon fiber. If we look at the design, we can see tabs on the back of the accessory which press against the back of the wallet.

This modular thin metal wallet will make your leather bifold feel ancient – Yanko Design – Form Beyond Function

This modular thin metal wallet will make your leather bifold feel ancient.

Posted: Tue, 27 Apr 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Overall it’s a great product and one that works very well. The Fantom wallet really shines with its utility. All to often minimalist wallets of this size like to sacrifice size for the sake of storage and features. It’s good to remember that these accessories only work with the Fantom model R. All are designed in Canada, being manufactured in China, with each providing a 30 day money back guarantee, and unlimited lifetime warranty. You can really only have one of these accessories attached at any given time on your wallet, except for the money clip which can rest on the opposite side.

I have never had money or cards falls out on the go. Also the look is modern and the slim line factor is definitely on point. I have received many compliments about the Fantom and also feel good about using it when its time to make the payments. Over a year of heavy use and it remains in pretty much brand new condition. I would highly suggest this item to anyone who carries cards and cash. I think they have a new model being released soon and i will definitely provide feedback so anyone interested can get some real world feedback! Thank You team FANTOM for taking the minimalist card wallet to the next level.

In addition to coins, the holder can be used to store spare keys, SD cards, and USB drivers. If you want a wallet with some design heritage behind it, go for one from Porsche Design. A subsidiary of the car company, Porsche Design was founded by F.A Porsche who was the grandson of Porsche’s founder and the one who designed the original 911. The company makes everything from eyewear to timepieces to phone cases — each piece a study in form following function.

fantom wallet coin holder

I am very satisfied with the Fantom wallet that I have chosen to replace my aging leather wallet. I wanted something new and modern and the Fantom is living to its full expectations. I recommend this type of RFID wallet for those people that have security and privacy in mind. The AirTag Holder is specifically designed to hold your Apple AirTag securely. Tracking down your Fantom Wallet has never been this easy. The AirTag Holder is designed to hold your Apple AirTag perfectly with your Fantom Wallet so that you know where your valuables are at all times.

fantom wallet coin holder

I can’t really recommend the coin holder. I haven’t had much use for it, and it makes the wallet just a bit bulkier. It does work, though, so if I ever take to carrying a micro-SD card around I’ll have a place to put it. The material is thin but sturdy and it’s a lot lighter than the wallet it replaced.

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